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Boston Jones Act and Personal Injury Trial Lawyers

THE KAPLAN/BOND GROUP is recognized as one of the nation's premier admiralty, maritime and personal injury trial law firms. We advise and represent seamen, fishermen and commercial shipping interests in cities throughout the United States and internationally. In addition, we are also skilled and experienced personal injury trial attorneys who are ready to help you fight for full and fair compensation for injuries or wrongful death cause by the negligence of others.

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Our trial attorneys offer more than a century of combined legal experience. We are flexible, personal and responsive, and work very closely with each client.

To speak to an attorney immediately call us at (617) 261-0080 or submit the intake form below to arrange a free consultation with one of our trial lawyers. We also have a Spanish intake form for your convenience.

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News & Features

$2.2 million dollars: Construction worker falls while standing on blades of fork lift in order to be lifted to the next level.

$1.55 Million Dollars: Seamen’s leg crushed between barge and tug.

$1.85 Million Dollars: Construction worker sustained herniated disc when hose became detached from vacuum truck, striking him in hard hat.

$1 Million Dollars: Five year old falls to his death after falling through screen of apartment building window.

$1.1 Million Dollars: Fisherman loses eye after stabbing himself with fish pick.

$2.02 Million Dollars: Maritime construction worker caught leg in dredge auger.

$1.68 Million Dollars: Defective roadway case where car hydroplaned into path of oncoming vehicle, causing serious personal injury and death.

Stewart v. Dutra Landmark Case Our most recent landmark victory was achieved before the United States Supreme Court in the case of Stewart v. Dutra Const. Co. The ruling we achieved changed the law and expanded the rights of injured seamen nationwide.

Convincing Hi-Tech Presentations
We’re not merely on the cutting edge of multimedia trial advocacy – we forge it. Our multimedia approach to trial advocacy goes far beyond a picture being worth a thousand words. Our presentation techniques incorporate the use of 3D animation, “60-minute” style witness interviews, and meticulous legal writing to hit hard and severely diminish the insurance companies’ ability to defend against the truth. We have been complimented by judges, adversaries, and even the insurance adjusters that run the defense leading to favorable results and courtroom victories.

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21 Merchants Row - Suite 3A
Boston, MA 02109
Phone: (617) 261-0080
Fax: (617) 261-1558