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Scaffolding and Ladder Accidents

Massachusetts Scaffolding & Ladder Accident Lawyers

Boston Construction Accident Attorneys

When a fall from scaffolding, ladder, or other elevated surface leaves you paralyzed or otherwise disabled, minutes and hours seem to go by like weeks and years as you try to figure out what you’re going to do. How will you pay for your medical bills? How will you support your family? How will you adjust to a new career path now that your injuries prevent you from returning to construction work?

These feelings of insecurity and instability are common among severely injured construction workers. Our trial attorneys understand the anxiety, frustration, and complex challenges that our catastrophically injured clients face each and every day. Our experienced advocacy is founded upon a base of compassion and support.

Scaffold & Ladder Falls ? Scaffolding Collapses

Scaffold and ladder accidents frequently occur as a result of OSHA violations or violations of other industry standards that strive to keep the jobsite, and its workers, safe.

  • Scaffolding accidents: Was the scaffolding secured to the building? Was proper access to scaffolding provided? Was scaffolding level? Were proper guard rails positioned on the ends and sides of the scaffolding? Was proper fall protection issued and in use by workers using the scaffolding? Was the erection and use of the scaffolding properly supervised?
  • Ladder accidents: Was the ladder properly tied or secured? Was the ladder positioned on a level surface? Was the ladder improperly provided as the only means for working? Was the ladder used at an angle in excess of a 4:1 ratio? Was the use of the ladder properly supervised?

Construction sites are dangerous enough without the added dangers of defective products, OSHA violations, and negligent workers and/or supervisors. Negligence on a construction site can cause even the most experienced and cautious construction worker to suffer a serious injury, such as a spinal cord injury, brain injury, neck or back injury, or death.

What Compensation is Available After a Construction Accident?

Our personal injury trial attorneys help injured construction workers deal with the financial trauma that follows a serious and disabling construction injury. We help construction workers pursue worker’s compensation benefits that usually address some of their more immediate needs. But, we also recognize that, for most workers injured in a scaffolding accident or fall from a ladder, worker’s compensation just won’t be enough to meet their needs. Although we are available to guide clients through the process to maximizing their worker’s compensation benefits, when applicable, we also examine all aspects of the accident to determine if anyone else was or shared responsibility for the negligence that caused the injury.

Our understanding of the relationship between the general contractor and multiple subcontractors on a construction site helps us identify when another construction worker’s negligence could result in a third party negligence claim. Although you can’t sue your employer for your construction injuries, you may be able to hold a negligent subcontractor or other negligent party accountable.

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To find out more about your rights after a scaffolding or ladder accident, contact THE KAPLAN/BOND GROUP. Call us at (617) 261-0080 to schedule a free consultation. Located in Boston, we represent injured construction workers throughout Massachusetts.