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Is Workers Comp All I’m Entitled To

Boston Third Party Claims Lawyer

Are You Collecting Workers’ Comp? You May Be Entitled to More.

Injured workers are routinely given the short, fast answers to their questions about recovering compensation for their work injuries. “You can’t sue your employer, so you don’t have a claim. You’re only able to collect workers’ compensation.” However, these answers are not always accurate. You may be entitled to additional compensation.

Don’t leave it up to your employer or workers’ compensation representative to stand up for your rights. Their focus is to pay as little as possible on your work injury claim and get you back to work as soon as possible. The trial attorneys at THE KAPLAN/BOND GROUP are on your side. We’ll help you understand your rights and determine if you are entitled to additional compensation in a third party personal injury claim.

Yes, workers’ compensation laws keep most employees from suing their employer for work-related injuries. However, many on-the-job accidents involve other negligent parties — the manufacturer of defective equipment, the engineer that designed a dangerous safety switch on a machine, the subcontractor that created a dangerous condition on the jobsite. Negligent individuals or businesses who are not your employer CAN and should be held responsible for your injuries. These are known as third party negligence claims.

Here are some examples of types of work-related accidents that could result in a third party claim:

  • Defective or dangerous product: When your work-related accident involved a defective or dangerous product (such as a dangerous conveyor belt, defective power tools, defective hydraulic equipment, or defective fall prevention equipment), you may have a product liability claim against the manufacturer, designer, distributor, or other third party responsible for the product.
  • Construction site accidents: Construction accidents frequently involve defective or dangerous construction equipment that may warrant a product liability claim. However, construction accident cases also warrant a close look at the relationship between the many people and entities present at the jobsite. There are typically a number of subcontractors, third-party vendors, material suppliers, and other individuals and businesses whose negligence may have contributed to or outright caused your injuries.
  • Slips, trips, and falls: If the trip, slip, and fall accident occurred away from work (such as on a client’s sidewalk or steps), but while you were still on the job, you may be entitled to compensation from the property owner, tenant, and/or maintenance company in a premises liability claim. Likewise, if a third party company was responsible for maintaining the property (such as a janitorial or commercial snow and ice removal business), you are entitled to compensation if they were negligent.
  • Car or truck accidents: When you are injured in an on-the-job car accident or truck accident, you may be entitled to additional compensation from anyone who caused the accident.

We Understand You Are Hurt and Need to Be Compensated

THE KAPLAN/BOND GROUP has decades of experience helping injured workers obtain the full compensation they are entitled to through both workers’ compensation AND third-party negligence claims. We know that for most injured people, workers’ compensation just isn’t enough, especially people suffering from a life-altering injury. A third party personal injury claim can provide much needed compensation for these individuals.

To discuss your work-related accident and injuries with an experienced personal injury trial attorney, Contact us and schedule a free initial consultation.