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Teaching & Seminars:

Attorney Tom Bond moderates the following “View from the Bench” seminars of the Massachusetts Bar Association:


National Presenter

  • Tulane University Admiralty Law Institute, 2005: “A Uniform definition of ‘Vessel’ under the Jones Act and LHWCA”
  • American Trial Lawyer’s Association, 2008: “The ISM Code”
  • American Association for Justice, 2017: The Seaman’s Protection “Whistleblower” Act
  • American Trial Lawyer’s Association, 2005: Stewart v. Dutra Construction (victory by Kaplan/Bond Group in United States Supreme Court)
Law Schools
  • Suffolk University Law School, 2003 – present: Maritime Injury Law
  • New England School of Law, 2016: Mediations
  • Tulane University Law School, Admiralty Law Institute 2005: “What is a Vessel?”
Bar Associations and Other Organizations
  • Tabor Academy, 2003: “Admiralty Law for the General Practitioner”
  • Newburyport Maritime Museum, 2016: “Maritime Plaintiffs: Seamen Harbor Workers, Longshoremen, and Recreational Workers
  • Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, 2013: “Maritime Law Welcome Aboard”
  • Suffolk University Law School, 2011: “Maritime Mishaps and Mistakes”
  • Mariner’s Club, 2016: “Maritime Plaintiff’s Lawyer’s Perspective”
  • Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys, 2012: “Preserving the Record for Appeal”
  • Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys, 2016: “Federal Forms & Filings: Fast Overview”
  • Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys, 2016: “The Federal Rules”
  • Massachusetts Defense Lawyers Association/Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys, 2015: “Preserving the Record for Appeal”
  • Boston Bar Association, 2016: “Changes to the Federal Rules”


The Summary Judgment Standard in Light of Napier, AAJ Admiralty Section Newsletter, Fall 2008.



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