Tug and Barge Injuries

Tugboats push, pull and maneuver huge ships and barges. Tugboats rely on lines under enormous stress with heavy loads. Lines can snap or trip a crew member, causing injury. Tugs and barges are also work platforms with machinery that can malfunction. The tug and barge owner has an obligation to provide a clean and safe place for crewmembers to work. If you are injured on a tug or barge, you may be a “Jones Act Seaman”, entitled to special protection under the law.

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THE KAPLAN/BOND GROUP is recognized as one of the nation’s leading Jones Act law firms representing the legal needs of seamen throughout the United States. Our lawyers have more than 30 combined years of trial experience in the very complex area of maritime and admiralty law.

An Uncommon Area of the Law Requires Uncommon Experience

If you have been injured while earning your living at sea, it is important to understand that admiralty and maritime law is not like common law. There are nuances and differences that even the most experienced trial attorneys don’t know, unless they have worked in cases involving Jones Act claims. Our firm offers maritime law experience.

Injured but not a U.S. citizen? Under the Jones Act, all injured workers, including visitors, U.S. citizens and “undocumented” workers or residents, may be eligible for accident benefits.

If you have been injured at sea, or have lost a loved one in a fatal accident while working on a vessel, talk to us right away. We have trial experience at every level of admiralty and maritime litigation. A landmark victory was achieved before the United States Supreme Court in the case of Stewart v. Dutra Const. Co., 543 U.S. 481 (2005). The ruling expanded the rights of injured seamen nationwide. The Stewart decision is an example of our ability to challenge the law and, when necessary, change it.

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