Verdicts and Settlements

$3.68 million: Death of three teenage girls and serious injuries to a fourth due to vehicular hydroplane accident

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$2.8 million: Severe brain and spinal injuries due to a defective vacuum truck on a construction site

$2.4 million: Multiple fractures and permanent disability as result of forklift incident at construction site

$1.4 million: Crush injury to arm while working on dredge

$950,000:  Loss of hand due to a defective dock winch

$850,000: Lost at sea and presumed drowned, failure to rescue

$725,000: Foot crushed at a construction site

$650,000: Open book pelvic fracture, lacerated bladder, and permanent disability due to poor seamanship on a whale watch cruise

Recovery of more than insured value of sunken vessel despite suit brought by insurance company to avoid payment